January 2021 RAE, Tableau, and Collibra Rollouts and Refinements

In conjunction with the Enterprise Project and the release of Workday, the Data and Analytics team is rolling out new data, reporting, analytics, and governance systems and processes. These new systems are designed to complement and enhance the data functions of Workday, presenting users and analysts with options to better understand and utilize the university's data assets. In January 2021, the team simultaneously launched a series of new applications that are now available for use. Below you’ll see a brief description that includes feature highlights and links to additional resources.


Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE):

The RAE is a data lake system designed to store and present key datasets to users and analysts. The database is the next generation replacement for the legacy OCIO data warehouses, primarily sourcing data from enterprise transactional systems, like Workday.

  • The RAE is loaded nightly from systems like Workday, SIMS, IDM, and others
  • Key enterprise reports created in Tableau will be sourced using data from the RAE
  • The RAE will also house one-time loads of legacy data from systems that are being retired such as Peoplesoft Finance and HR
  • The Data and Analytics team will continue to add more datasets to the RAE and will also work closely with the Workday Student project in the coming years


RAE resources:


Enterprise Tableau and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports:

As the university transitions to Workday, a number of systems are being retired. eReports and BuckIQ are among them. In most all cases, users will utilize Workday reports as replacements for their current reporting tools. However, there are some scenarios where another reporting tool is needed. Enterprise-level reports that are created in tools, such as Tableau and SSRS are being rolled out to end users as a part of the go-live for the new systems.

  • Users that need access to the new enterprise Tableau and SSRS reports were automatically added to the proper security roles
  • These new reports primarily source data that originates from Workday, but is stored in the RAE
  • Student-based reports may also be affected; the Data and Analytics team is working with counterparts in OSAS to remedy those reports


Tableau resources:


Data Catalog: Collibra:

With so many new data points, systems, and tools, locating information about data and reports can be overwhelming. To facilitate the capture and storage of information about data and reports (also known as metadata), we’ve rolled out a new data catalog tool. the Data and Analytics team is facilitating the design and deployment of Collibra, which will allow users and analysts to discover and understand what dataset are available for use, as well as which reports are available to end users.

  • The initial Collibra rollout focuses on data and reports associated with the Workday and RAE implementations
  • Collibra is accessible to end users, analysts, and other data conscious staff members
  • Basic catalog contents will be available via search in Compass
  • Users of Collibra can contribute their knowledge and understandings about data, creating a positive feedback loop with fellow analysts
  • Collibra will continue to grow its scope as other data and systems incorporate their metadata into the catalog


Collibra resources:


Data Domains:

As a part of our push to better organize, understand, and secure Ohio State data, we are also rolling out a new concept called data domains. Data domains are logical groupings of related data (primary and secondary) and they are not tied to organizational structure or systems. By organizing data into domains, we can apply data ownership and stewardship responsibilities, as well as security and control policies.

  • All datasets in the RAE are aligned to a data domain
  • Similarly, reports are also aligned to a data domain
  • Data domains are used to better understand who within Ohio State is responsible for the data and reports
  • The RAE uses data domains to secure and manage access rights to datasets loaded to the database


Data Domain resources:

If you have any questions about data and reporting services, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or the Data and Analytics Team. You can visit data.osu.edu for the previously mentioned resources and more information.

You can also signup for our mailman distribution list here: https://lists.osu.edu/mailman/listinfo/data-at-osu