Learn About Digital Accessibility on a New Website

decorative image man gesturing at laptop

Digital Accessibility Services has launched a new website to provide resources and assistance to those producing digital content and those acquiring or building digital products. If utilizing or posting digital content is part of your role, you can be part of making Ohio State’s digital resources accessible to all users.

Accessibility is absolutely crucial at universities like Ohio State. Imagine searching a website and being unable to decipher letters or words on the screen. Think about how hard it would be to complete class work if the instructor requires students to watch videos that have not been captioned.

The site includes:

  • Resources for building digital assets, including documents, emails, videos and more.
  • Tips for acquiring or building a digital product like software, freeware, applications and websites.
  • Training and Resources to help you understand why certain content is not considered accessible and to develop the skills to evaluate resources.

Our website will provide you with a better understanding of what accessibility entails so as we design, develop and buy digital resources, we can consider the perspective of every type of end user. This resource is a part of our ongoing work to create that aligns with Ohio State’s Digital Accessibility Policy.

If you have an interest in becoming more deeply involved with digital accessibility, the role of Digital Accessibility Coordinator may be of interest to you. Digital Accessibility Coordinators help their units successfully implement the policy by learning more about what digital accessibility entails.  Contact your Digital Accessibility Coordinator or email das@osu.edu to learn more.

Employees who have questions about operational implementation of the Digital Accessibility Policy should review our resources and/or contact us at das@osu.edu.