New Microsoft Features Help Manage Your Work and Your Inbox

Screenshot of Briefing email sent by the Cortana Microsoft tool
Screenshot of a Briefing email sent by the Cortana Microsoft tool
Microsoft has rolled out new features that help users manage their inbox, notes, productivity and more.

You may have already utilized the MyAnalytics feature that allows users to see how they spend their time and who they collaborate with on a regular basis. Insights is another add-on to the MyAnalytics feature that provides actionable insights for employees aimed at boosting productivity. 

Microsoft has also introduced a new productivity tool, Cortana. Cortana is a personal digital assistant that can sync across your devices. This feature helps users by providing reminders for projects and scheduling, and it can even take notes.

Briefing is another new feature that was just rolled out. Briefing sends personalized emails that brief you on tasks and projects that you're involved with. Briefing emails also include easy ways to confirm tasks or send reminders to yourself. This feature includes a schedule of meetings and relevant assets for the day.

All Ohio State staff, faculty and students using Outlook email may receive emails from these Microsoft features. If you'd prefer to not receive Briefing emails you can unsubscribe at

Find more information reagarding these features, unsubscribing options and more at the links below.