Creating a Distraction-Free Study Space

Learning and studying online can offer some unique benefits and flexibility, but how do you manage distractions when learning from home? We asked a few students to share their tips, here's what they had to say.


I have a shut door policy at home where if my bedroom door is shut that means I don’t want to be disturbed and to text me if they need something. That obviously won’t work for everyone’s situation (some people might have shared bedrooms for example), but it’s a pretty simple solution.”

  • Adler P.


“I find it helpful to set and agree on time blocks to organize your time. Everyone in the household should try to leave you alone during this period of time and try to be quiet. When people know that it is your time to study, I find it easier to get more time to yourself.”

  • Anika K.


"I suggest trying to find your own ‘working space’ in whatever environment you’re in. It can be detrimental to complete virtual schoolwork in the same place you eat or sleep. In my experience, my parents and sibling were extremely receptive when I was honest with them about times that I would need quiet for a zoom call, writing a paper, etc.”

  • Ben D.


“It can also help to have a shared family calendar so that you don’t have to constantly remind people of your work time. I’ve been doing this with my family while I’ve been home and it helps us all get what we need from each other and not get frustrated.”

  • Grace B.


“I also like using visuals like sticky notes that let my housemates know if I’m in an important meeting!”

  • Fikunmi I.


“Definitely have honest conversations with your family members. Part of that could be ‘try to help keep me accountable’ like asking what I got done today, etc. If you're close with your family, it could become a habit to be a family accountability group where everyone takes interest and supports each other in being productive and motivated.”

  • Kenneth F.


“My biggest distraction is myself! Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself to do personal tasks. I find that when I designate a portion of my day for personal activities (catching up with friends on social media, online shopping), I am less likely to be distracted by the temptation of those activities during my study time. Fun online activities can also be a great motivator to get your schoolwork done first!”

  •  Randi H.


“If you live with other students, I recommend having a house meeting to discuss this! I think my house is having a house meeting before the school year starts to discuss what ‘quiet hours’ look like in our living room/dining room area while people log into online classes. It's sometimes even harder to have these discussions with peers, but intentionally setting up a time to meet and seeking all of your roommates' input is helpful.”

  • Liz W. 


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