Removal of Adobe Flash Player, Beginning June 26

In July of 2017, Adobe announced that they would stop distributing and updating the Adobe Flash Player by the end of 2020.

In preparation for this, we will begin removing Adobe Flash Player plugins from all OCIO-managed devices starting Friday, June 26. Once these plugins have been removed, websites that require the Adobe Flash Player will no longer function properly in Safari or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. If you must access a website that requires the Adobe Flash Player, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge browsers, as they have their own versions of Adobe Flash Player that are not affected by this removal. Most Mac and Windows devices, managed by OCIO and MITS, have Google Chrome already installed and it's also available in the Ivanti Portal Manager for Windows or JAMF Self Service for Mac. 

If you encounter Flash-based websites that specifically require you to use either Safari or Firefox, please call the IT Service Desk at (614) 688-4357 or email for assistance. 

While Adobe Flash Player will still function in the Google Chrome and Internet Explorer/Edge browsers, the end-of-life date, December 31, 2020, still applies. If there is a Flash-based website or application that you frequently use, please notify the IT Service Desk so that we can find alternatives before the end-of-life date.