Microsoft Teams Works 24/7 So You Don't Have To

Constant communication is key for those who work continuously to keep Ohio State facilities safe and fully operational. Microsoft Teams, one of Ohio State’s newest Office 365 tools, takes digital communication among faculty, staff and students beyond the basic chatroom. Teams integrates with other Office 365 programs, creating an all-in-one digital workspace catered to seamless collaboration. Teams works around the clock to support university communication anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft Teams is transforming Ohio State's Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) Service2Facilities operations by providing real time information and updates, according to Kristin Knisley, Service2Facilities Manager. Service2Facilities is Ohio State's 24/7 call and response center that monitors over 800 academic and residential buildings on campus.

"Our office is open 24/7/365,” says Knisley. “Having a tool to communicate across shifts is invaluable to us.”

A staff that works all day and night to ensure quality customer service for the Ohio State community needs a tool that can keep up. Enter Microsoft Teams. MS Teams helps Service2Facilities staff stay informed on the latest updates and information in real time. Knisley notes that her favorite feature, RememberThis, is an application within MS Teams that allows collaborators to schedule reminders for the future.

"This is really nice when maintenance is planned for weekends, early mornings or late nights," says Knisley. "I don’t have to remind the team in real time. I can be asleep, and Teams sends the scheduled reminder." 

RememberThis helps Knisley's team stay updated on timely and pertinent information. RememberThis is one of several MS Teams features that can facilitate strong communication among your staff. In the Apps tab, browse the Productivity section for widgets that support your day-to-day operations (and everything in between). Using Microsoft Teams, managers of teams that operate 24/7 can sleep soundly, knowing nothing will fall through the cracks.

Learn more about the features available in Microsoft Teams and check out the ways other users interact with Teams to improve collaboration in the classroom and the workplace. Below is other helpful information about Microsoft Teams

Managing Your Office 365 Team

  1. Access Microsoft Teams on the Office 365 Login Page by visiting
  2. Click on “Log in to Office 365.” Log in with your Ohio State username and password.
  3. Click on Teams in the app launcher
  4. In the Teams application, find the Team name in the left column
  5. Click the ellipses (…) to the right of the Team’s name and choose Manage Team
  6. In the top right, click Add member, search for the person you want to add, and click Add
  7. Assign the new addition the appropriate role and access. Roles default to “member,” but if the person you are adding should be an owner, click the down arrow to the right of the name and choose Owner. You can switch someone from Owner to Member here as well.
  8. To remove someone from the Team, find the name in the Manage Team page, then click the X to the far right of their name

Other Resources

Linked below are some other helpful resources for Microsoft Teams information.

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has NOT approved Microsoft Teams for use by medical center employees.

Need Help?

If you need assistance with Microsoft Teams, contact the IT Service Desk for support:

Phone:            614-688-HELP (4357)