Common Problems with BuckeyeBox Storage and Sharing


UPDATE: 12/2020 - BuckeyeBox will be retiring in 2021. We recommending using Microsoft Teams and/or OneDrive for Business for collaboration and storage.

Several years ago, Ohio State formed contracted with for a cloud storage and collaboration solution. Once we added some security and set up unlimited storage, we launched the BuckeyeBox for all Ohio State users.

Unlimited Storage: What You Need to Know

Most students probably don’t know that they have two email profiles—the one you are familiar with is the You also have a email profile. With BuckeyeBox, this is important. To receive all the benefits offered to Buckeye’s follow these rules:

RULE #1: When you sign up for BuckeyeBox, use your email profile. If you use, you will still be able to create a free account, but it will not be part of Ohio State’s contract and therefore, it will not be enabled for unlimited storage and the additional security that is available for Ohio State accounts.

RULE #2: Likewise, if you invite someone at Ohio State to collaborate with you, you must invite them using their email profile, so that the collaboration will be included in Ohio State’s contract, giving them access to unlimited storage and additional security.

If you aren’t Using BuckeyeBox Storage here’s why you should

Are you using BuckeyeBox? If not, here are the TOP 5 benefits:

  1. It’s unlimited.
    Free cloud services offer varying amounts of space. Our contract with BuckeyeBox allows you to use as much space as you need, without paying for the space.
  2. It’s secure.
    One of the reasons we chose as the platform for our cloud storage and collaboration service is that we are able to add our own security onto their existing protection. You can access BuckeyeBox using the same password you use at And it’s an extra layer of protection from security breaches.
  3. It’s cloud.
    In this instance, "cloud" is a fancy way of saying it’s available through the internet. That means you can access BuckeyeBox through any internet-enabled device – phone, tablet, computer, etc.
  4. It’s free.
    You can use an unlimited amount of space in BuckeyeBox, is because the university has contracted with Box and purchased the space. Because of your affiliation with the university, this collaboration space is available to you at no cost.
  5. It’s open to everyone.
    If you want to collaborate with someone who is not part of the university, BuckeyeBox allows you to do so. Invite them to collaborate on a folder using their preferred email address and they can register and receive a free account.

Our team at Ohio State is constantly looking for ways to improve the service as well. We are currently is working to make it easier to sign up for a BuckeyeBox account. For more information, contact the IT Service Desk by phone 614-688-HELP (4357), by email at or by logging in online at