Security Update Reduces Unwanted Messages

Image depicting how to mark mail as "not junk"

Over the last few weeks, an email entitled, "The Ohio State University (JOB REFERRAL): Employment Opportunity!" was reported to Report Phish by Ohio State users more than 1800 times! As spammers and phishers get more sophisticated it becomes more difficult to block them all, but we have some changes coming that will reduce the number of these spam and phishing messages that land in your Inbox.

On Friday, July 26, we will adjust the email security gateway to block more emails that are malicious and to route spam to your junk folder. This is a behind-the scenes update, and users don’t need to make any changes.

Anytime we boost our defenses, there’s a chance our updated email filter may mistakenly classify a message as “junk,” when it is actually one that you want to receive. If you see an email in your Junk folder that you want to receive in your Inbox, you can change its designation.

  • Move your mouse so the arrow is over the message.
  • Click the button on the right side of the mouse.
  • Click “Junk” on the menu that appears.
  • Choose “Not Junk” from the Junk submenu.

As you select emails that are “not junk,” Outlook will learn from your designations and will be more likely to deliver messages that you want to your Inbox instead of your Junk folder.    

If you need help, please contact the IT Service Desk by phone at 614-688-4357 (HELP), by email at or by logging in online at