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As an instructor at Ohio State, you are meticulous at prepping your courses. You choose the appropriate materials, you plan the assignments and structure the course, all in a way to best meet your learning objectives and disseminate knowledge to your students. And you want those students to come to your class prepared from day one so they can get the most out of your course.

But what happens when the cost of those carefully chosen textbooks, homework systems and other materials are just too high? Have any of your students delayed purchasing the course materials, waiting to see if they could still get a passing grade without them? Or maybe you’ve had students who didn’t purchase the textbook at all due to financial strains. When this happens, students are at a major disadvantage. Getting the textbooks and other materials in students’ hands in time for the start of classes is key to their success.

Did you know that you can help lessen the financial burden on your students, without sacrificing your textbook or homework system?

Consider taking advantage of CarmenBooks, an inclusive access program that offers digital copies of selected textbooks and other course materials for a fraction of the cost. With CarmenBooks, students can save up to 80% off retail price and access digital course materials through CarmenCanvas. Take a look at prices for Autumn ’19 courses that used CarmenBooks to provide digital textbooks and other courseware.

The Affordable Learning Exchange (ALX) Team is currently recruiting Spring ’20* instructors! Find out if your textbook or course materials are available by contacting Be sure to include your course name and current textbook information (title, edition, publisher, etc.). A member of the ALX team will work with you to see if CarmenBooks is the right fit for your course.

Master of Social Work Program Director Lois Stepney explains why she and her colleagues are moving to CarmenBooks to provide materials for several courses in the College of Social Work. “Our college graduates the highest number of first-generation students,” said Stepney. “Access to education and resources can be challenging, and we want to do all we can to support the whole student and their experience.”

Stepney recently shared her CarmenBooks experience at the Innovate conference, encouraging Ohio State instructors to get on board with more affordable options for course materials. “This is all about inclusive access to create more equitable standards,” said Stepney.

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*Students pay for CarmenBooks through their Statement of Account each semester. As a result, course material selections must be finalized before registration opens for the upcoming semester.