ALX Requesting Grant Proposals


The Affordable Learning Exchange (ALX) is requesting proposals to participate in our next cohort! ALX awards grants to instructors who want to transform their courses using open and affordable course materials! Any course at The Ohio State University is eligible for consideration–from small seminars to large, multi-section general education courses.

Begin the application process today by sharing your affordability project idea with us. Let us know what your goals are, how many students you have and how much you expect them to save. Read below to learn about our grant opportunities and apply.

There are three different grant options this year. Take a look to see what suits you best and express your interest in a grant by September 12.

High Support:

Winners of this grant receive an award amount between $1,000 and up to $12,000. Our High Support Grant Includes full project management support and coordination of technical support resources by a dedicated member of the ALX team. Intended for applicants who plan a course redesign around affordable and open course materials.

Light Support:

Winners of this grant receive a flat award amount of $1,000, limited project management support including monthly check-in emails from a member of the ALX team, and access to technical support resources and advice. There is no budget proposal required for light support grants. Intended for applicants who require less one-on-one support.

Apply for the High Support and Light Support grants by completing a two-phase application process. The Phase 1 application initiates the conversation to help us understand your needs in terms of support—financial and otherwise. We’ll review Phase 1 applications and reach out to provide guidance to applicants as they consider a Phase 2 proposal. Applicants will need to carefully consider impact to students, both in terms of money saved and classroom experience. 

Complete the Phase 1 application for High and Light Support ALX grants:

Phase 1 Application


Affordable syllabus review:

Making a 100% switch from a conventional textbook to an open textbook doesn’t work for everyone. This $500 grant partners faculty with liaison librarians to review your course syllabus and make recommendations for alternative, low cost or free content mapped to course topics and outcomes. Content is sourced from University Libraries as well as open content from reliable sources. Applying for this grant means that you agree to:

  1. Meet at least 3 times with your liaison librarian throughout the project period (Jan 20-Aug 21)
  2. Share your most recent syllabus for a course you are teaching starting in AU ‘20
  3. Review content and provide feedback on alternatives provided
  4. Replace at least 25% of your course materials with suggested free or open content

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Through four cohorts and over 70 projects, ALX program participants have already saved students more than $5.5 million in support of President Michael Drake’s 2020 Vision. Reducing the cost of college is at the core of ALX’s mission, but that’s not the only thing. ALX projects encourage teaching innovation and fulfill Ohio State’s land-grant mission by creating and sharing open educational resources.

Learn what other participants are up to at the Case Studies page.