How students can manage IT services after graduation

As students prepare for their next steps after graduation and their relationship with the university evolves, their access to technology services also changes. Graduating from the university changes permissions of their Ohio State user name (name.#) and password. Many services are only accessible through these credentials, but students can prepare in advance to avoid having problems.

We recommend students review the affected services and complete all maintenance activities by Friday, April 26.

Action Needed Before Graduation

Upon graduation, students cannot log in to BuckeyeBox, and their shared collaborations are removed. If you are a student who need files after graduation, download those files to your computer or transfer them to a personal Box account. Keep in mind that BuckeyeBox accounts allow unlimited storage, while a free Box account only provides 10GB of storage. 

If a file is shared with others who still need it, graduating students should transfer ownership of that content to someone who is remaining at the university. Files are not deleted, but students need to manage them before losing access. Ohio State cannot transfer these files. Learn more here

Students’ U.OSU access and access to websites they’ve developed using this tool will also be affected. When students lose access, they can no longer to sign in to the site, even to delete it. ODEE offers instructions for saving their content by exporting it to another WordPress site. If students used an U.OSU account to manage a group blog or website, they should transfer site privileges to another user or change admins

Tech Hub Discounts
Besides service access changes, upon graduation students are no longer be eligible for exclusive academic discounts on technology purchases at Tech Hub. We recommend a last stop at Ohio Stat’s technology store – they’ll never get a better deal. 

No Action Needed

Mail sent to  Ohio State email addresses ( and BuckeyeMail account ( can continue to be accessed through Buckeyemail. In the future, if a student chooses to forward this mail to another account, s/he can log in to and select "Change Email Delivery."

Two-Year Access After Graduation

Students will retain access to “osuwireless” for 2 years after graduation. They will also continue to have access to the unencrypted “WiFi@OSU” visitor network. 

Office 365 Student Advantage/ProPlus
Access to Office 365 Student Advantage/ProPlus continues for 2 years after students graduate.

Student Center
For two years after graduation, students can log in to to view their financial and academic history, update personal information and more. BuckeyePass two-factor login is required to access the Student Center, so we recommend that graduating students keep registered device information updated.


Need Help?

For technical assistance beyond the resources provided above, students can call 614-688-4357 (HELP). We wish all of our graduates a smooth transition to your next adventure