Finals are Next Month: Have a BuckeyePass Back-Up Plan

BuckeyePass is Ohio State’s method of multi-factor authentication. This security significantly decreases your risk of being a victim of hacking and identity theft. Having BuckeyePass means cybercriminals now need to have two different items to access your information—something you know (your password) and something you have (like your smartphone).

Just like remembering your passwords, it is important for you to remember to keep your devices on hand! Installing the Duo app isn’t required, but it will make your life easier. For example, even if you don’t have cell service or a Wi-Fi connection, the Duo app can still generate a one-time code that you can use to log in.

There are two other effective ways to ensure you can access applications protected by BuckeyePass. We recommend doing both of the following:

Request 10 Passcodes
You can request 10 pass codes that can be printed for emergency use. To get the codes, when prompted to authenticate, choose the Enter a Passcode button and then click the Send Codes button at the bottom right corner of the dialogue box. From the app, click "Enter a Passcode" and then "Text me new codes."

This will send 10 single use passcodes to you in a text message to use. These passcodes are good for one year. Print them and put them somewhere that ensures you are likely to have them with you at all times. Cross them off as you use them, so you will know when it’s time to request 10 more.

Add Back Up Devices
To add a device, visit the BuckeyePass site ( and choose Register/Manage Devices in the upper right corner.

You will be prompted to log in using your lastname.# and current password, and will have to authenticate using a device that is already registered. Once you have logged in, you can see all the devices you have registered. In the example below, the user has registered a mobile phone number (iPhone), two different Apple devices that have the Duo app (iPhone and iPad) and a landline.  To add more to your list, choose + Add another device at the bottom of the page.

Having several devices, plus printing 10 security codes for emergency, virtually assures that you will be able to access BuckeyePass/Duo protected applications in most situations.

However, if you still need alternative options, visit a BuckeyeBar or contact the IT Service Desk by phone 614-688-HELP (4357), by email at or by logging in online at