New Office 365 Applications Available on Feb. 6

Office 365 is a versatile product, and we are continually reviewing its applications to determine which ones meet our security requirements. We recently enabled enabling Yammer, To-Do, Whiteboard and FindTime for all students and university employees (excluding Med Center, as they have different security requirements). To access these new tools, visit

  • Yammer – The “corporate version” of Twitter, Yammer allows only those with an email address to view your posts. Communicate with anyone in the university – faculty, staff or student. You can also create private groups to narrow the conversation to even smaller audiences, such as a project team or work group. Remember, if you are not using a private group, all faculty, staff and students can see your posts.
  • To-Do – Microsoft’s answer to applications like Wunderlist, you can organize your to-do lists into folders, set priorities and get reminders for upcoming deadlines. To-Do integrates with Outlook and other Microsoft tools.
  • Whiteboard – Sometimes virtual meetings call for virtual whiteboards, and Microsoft created Whiteboard for that purpose. Whiteboard allows multiple contributors to make notes at the same time, and saves the notes for future reference.
  • FindTime – FindTime simplifies the process of scheduling meetings by allowing you to suggest times and invite participants to pick options that work for them. If you have used Doodle, then the concept of FindTime will be familiar. The advantage of FindTime is that it’s integrated with Outlook and can add meetings to your calendar after all have responded, and a common time preference is identified.

You can find articles about all Office 365 applications in our Knowledge Base. If you have questions, please contact the IT Service Desk by phone (614) 688-HELP (4357), by email at or by logging in online at