BuckeyePass to Protect Carmen and Vita in October

Ohio State is expanding its use of multi-factor authentication in order to increase the level of protection that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your information. Adding BuckeyePass to the login process for the Carmen learning management system not only reduces the risk of credential theft—it also helps address academic misconduct.

"The cybersecurity challenges we face are significant, and everything from our privacy to our identifies are at stake. For us all to be safer, we all need to work together," said Nicole Kraft, Council on Distance Education, Library and Information Technology (DELIT) Chair. "DELIT understands the challenges and annoyances that Duo may present, but we are working with OCIO and ODEE to ensure this is as smooth of a transition as possible, and we address concerns and potential problems—hopefully before they occur. Please know how much we appreciate the Ohio State community working together to make us all safer and more secure."

BuckeyePass, powered by Duo, will be enabled for Carmen during Autumn Break on Thursday, October 11. At this time, BuckeyePass will also be enabled for Vita, which you may be using to manage and track your scholarly activity.

What do I need to do?

  • If you have not yet registered for BuckeyePass, visit buckeyepass.osu.edu to register your mobile devices.
  • It is highly recommended that you register at least two devices.
    • Don’t have a second smartphone, tablet or landline phone to register? No problem! Request passcodes from the Duo login screen by clicking "Enter a Passcode" followed by "Text me new codes." Consider printing these or storing a screenshot of the codes in a place you can access without your mobile device. This list of 10 codes lasts for one year and can be used in case your primary device is lost, stolen or forgotten.
  • You should keep your mobile device with you so you always have access to Carmen or other Ohio State systems.
  • If you manage any sponsored guests, please inform them that the use of BuckeyePass is expanding.

How do I ensure my students are registered?

99% of students have already registered for BuckeyePass, as it is necessary for them to access Buckeye Link where they register for classes and pay tuition and fees. Sharing this syllabus language can help any student who has not yet registered or who would like to add another authentication device.

How will this work for in-class exams in Carmen?

Students will have to use a smartphone or other device to authenticate when logging into Carmen. As long as they are active in the exam, there will be no need to log in again, even during a lengthy exam.

Students—be sure to register more than one device as a backup in case you lose or forget your primary device. You can also request 10 passcodes to use any time you are without your device, or you can call the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 (HELP) for help.

Instructors—Students should be allowed to carry a personal mobile device at all times. This allows them to participate in the Buckeye Alert system in the case of an emergency. It provides access to several Ohio State systems that require multi-factor authentication, including Buckeye Link, BuckeyeBox and now Carmen. Mobile devices can also make learning materials more accessible and aid in students’ learning. While there are cases where mobile devices can be distractions, they are also necessary for keeping students and their information safe.


If you have questions about how this change might impact teaching and learning, please contact carmen@osu.edu. For questions about multi-factor authentication in general, please contact buckeyepass@osu.edu.