BuckeyePass Best Practices: Traveling? Plan Ahead

If you are planning to be away from campus, it is important to plan ahead if you need access to university systems and information. BuckeyePass multi-factor authentication is required on many university systems. For example, eTimesheet and eLeave will be protected by BuckeyePass beginning on Sept 30. Please follow the tips below to ensure access while away:

  • Bring a device, or multiple devices, that you have already registered in BuckeyePass that you can use while away. Use the Register/Manage Devices button on buckeyepass.osu.edu to add devices.
  • You can also request 10 new passcodes before you leave, and they will be sent to your device via text messaging (SMS). You can use the passcodes in any order, but you can only use each one once. It is always a good idea to have 10 passcodes somewhere safe for emergency purposes!
  • The Duo Mobile app allows customers to generate Duo Mobile Passcodes on demand without the need for WiFi or cellular signal on the device. Just make sure you have registered your Ohio State University account when you open the Duo app. Press the drop down icon to generate a six-digit passcode. This feature is especially helpful for international travelers!

If you need help before or while traveling, you can contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 (HELP) or at go.osu.edu/it

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