Podcast guest inspires teachers and students to consider accessibility

If you ask Margaret Price, taking accessibility into consideration when planning and teaching college courses goes beyond helping students with disabilities.

As an associate professor of English and disability studies and director of Ohio State's Disability Studies program, Price finds that when the entire class is thinking about accessibility, everyone benefits.

Even those who might not consider themselves disabled leave Price’s classes saying the experience was transformative.

“A lot of students come out of these classes … with a real sense of possibility in terms of how they can bring that back to their home disciplines,” Price said.

Price recently joined Instructional Designer Megan Fogel for the sixth episode of the AccessEDU podcast from the Office of Distance Education and eLearning. 

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About AccessEDU

Instructional Designer and Accessibility Lead Megan Fogel started the AccessEDU podcast in 2017 to talk about accessibility and Universal Design for Learning in higher education more deeply and in a different medium.

One of the foundational principles of accessibility is having materials available in a variety of formats, so it just made sense.

“I wanted to have a more in-depth conversation that everybody could tune into,” Fogel said.

In keeping with the topic, transcripts of each episode are available so even those who have hearing differences can access it.

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