Proctorio Now Available for Carmen-based Assessments

Instructors—there’s a new tool available that can help you promote academic integrity for your online assessments!

Proctorio is now available universitywide at no cost to students, faculty or staff.

Proctorio is an online proctoring solution available as a Chrome Extension and fully integrated into CarmenCanvas. The tool allows the instructor to record audio and video of the testing environment during the exam. They can also have students submit a photo of their BuckID through their webcam for identity verification purposes. Beyond recording the exam session, Proctorio uses algorithms to flag potential academic misconduct. The algorithms can be adjusted to allow for varying testing scenarios, such as an open book exam. Instructors can look at exam recordings and “flagged” events to ascertain if misconduct occurred.

Get started using Proctorio with the Instructor Guide or Student Guide.

The deployment of Proctorio is a part of a larger Academic Integrity Initiative. Proctorio is one tool in a toolset of options to ensure Academic Integrity across course offerings. Best practices in assessment techniques, including authentic assessments, are still the best method to ensure Academic Integrity in assessments. Proctorio is available, if needed, for larger summative Carmen-based exams. It would not be considered best practice to enable Proctorio for every smaller formative quiz based in Carmen.

Proctorio has been cleared for S4 data, meaning the software has received the highest security clearance available. Despite this high level of security, we understand that some students may be uncomfortable using this type of software. Please keep in mind, students have the option to not use Proctorio. Alternate options exist, and these should be clearly stated in the course syllabus if the instructor plans to use Proctorio.

Any questions about this new proctoring tool can be directed to the Carmen support team.