Problems Emailing Med Center Partners? Try Clearing Cached Addresses

We wanted to alert faculty and staff about a problem that some university users are having sending email to users with email addresses. The issue resulted from a configuration change that was necessary to support the long-term roadmap of the email system, but caused some medical center email addresses that were saved (“cached”) in Outlook to become inoperative.

Some university users who are emailing or replying to a medical center user they have emailed in the past are receiving a notice that says, “Your message couldn't be delivered.” Medical center users are not having difficulties sending to university users. However, the problem can be fixed:

  • You can learn to clear your cache through Knowledge Base Article 3857.
  • If you are sending to a group and are unsure who received or did not receive your message, you can click the “Send Again” button in the upper left corner of the delivery failure email. This will allow you to re-send only to recipients who didn’t receive it. Click the “To” button to bring up the address book, and choose the recipients from that list (instead of using the saved/cached address).
  • Once the “delivery failure” for a specific recipient is resolved, the user will not have problems emailing that recipient in the future, because their cache will have been updated/corrected.

Some users may not experience this problem. Depending on numerous factors – including the version of Outlook being used and how email addresses have been configured and saved, just to name a few – some university users may have problems sending emails to all medical center users and others may have issues sending only to some medical center users.

If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-HELP (4357) or by logging in and submitting a request online. IT Service Desk staff both at the university and the medical center are prepared to help users resolve these problems.