March Madness Quad-Screen Programming Begins March 8

In March some people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or observe Lent, but for many sports fans one event is paramount above all others – March Madness, a.k.a. the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament. It’s not unheard of for people to take vacation time from work or skip classes to be sure they can see their favorite teams shine during the dramatic wrap up of the NCAA season.

But we’re busy people, and not everyone has time to miss work or school. Even if you do have time, how can you keep track of games that are being broadcast simultaneously? OCIO Cable Television services is doing its part to help.

Beginning on Thursday, March 8, our cable service is offering a quad-screen view of March Madness programming on our cable TV and IPTV feeds. The channels included typically include:

  • TruTV
  • TNT
  • TBS
  • CBS

This may be occasionally changed up depending on game schedules for example, if one of the four channels featured does not have a game scheduled. On the quad-screen channel, you can view the games in real time and see the scores, but there will not be audio on this channel. The quad screen view will be seen on BTN alt.2. We currently have BTN programming on analog channel 26. You can find the quad-screen broadcast on these channels:

  • IPTV Amino STB - Channel 25
  • Philo IPTV- Channel 124.2
  • Digital cable TV - Channel 124.2
  • Analog cable TV – Channel 26

This feed will remain live throughout the NCAA tournament.