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IT Security is increasingly at the forefront in the modern world. Data breaches and IT security topics are in the news all the time. Users need to understand good cyber hygiene to prevent breaches from occurring.

Ohio State considers cybersecurity one of the university’s top priorities. Resources on our new website will teach you how to protect yourself and how to protect Ohio State.

  • Develop safe online habits: You can reduce your likelihood of becoming a statistic of cybercrime. You generally don’t need to take any additional effort or time to do things in a manner that safeguards your digital life. We can help. You can begin by visiting Online Security Basics for a quick start guide.
  • Protect Personal DevicesWe live in an age where our entire lives can be accessed from our pocket. Visit our Mobile Devices page to learn what you can do secure your smart phone.
  • Protect Your Identity: One of your most important assets is your identity. Protect it by understanding the risks. Visit Identity Theft and Recovery to learn more.
  • Use the Right Tools: For general advice on common security tasks like setting up a network, patching your systems and disposing of old devices, visit our Asset Management page.
  • Avoid Threats: Educate yourself about threats to avoid in the digital world, including how to recognize and report phishing attempts. On our Phishing page you can learn the techniques adversaries use to attack your inbox.

If you’ve followed the links while navigating this article, you’ve seen a few examples of the helpful information you can find on our new Enterprise Security website. Visit frequently for updates!