Why Instructors Love Kickstart Week

In 2017, 100% of Kickstart Week participants said they were Very Likely to recommend the workshop to colleagues. When asked what they got out of the four-day course development intensive, here’s what they had to say: 

Hands-On Learning 

“One of the first things [the facilitators] said was that students learn by doing, and this is proof of that.” 

Kickstart Week is about learning how to create a strong course, and then actually doing the work with experts on hand. You’ll not only work on your preferred device but inside a multimedia studio to create engaging course content that helps your students meet their learning goals. 

Teaching Before Tech 

“From start to finish, I learned something from every session. However, the most beneficial element of the class were structural/design elements of course development as well as the technical aspects of creating a course (assessments, rubrics, etc.).” 

We don’t use technology without a thoughtful purpose for the tool, and we don’t expect you to either. That’s why Kickstart Week’s first day is all about Course Design, Quality, and Learning Objectives. Once you know what your goals are, we’ll help you choose (and use) the right tools to meet them. 

Keeping Up to Date 

“I learned a lot of the functions of carmen which were super helpful. Also, different ways to engage students in person and online. Ways to think outside of the box.” 

Whether it’s backwards design principles, accessibility best practices, or adjusting to CarmenCanvas, everyone has an opportunity to sharpen their skills. Even stellar in-person courses need reimagined to work in an online or hybrid format.