4 Steps to State Auth Heroism

Ohio State students do amazing things beyond our state's borders. Whether it’s an internship, co-op, or service learning opportunity, it’s our job to ensure compliance of these activities, and to protect the value of the credits they earn outside of Ohio. Reporting is critical to maintaining the authorizations we’ve worked to secure. This year's data reporting is due Dec 4, 2017.

The State Authorization liaisons located in each unit play an essential role in collecting this data, but they can’t do it alone. They need your help to make sure all appropriate activities are reported. Here’s how:

1. Identify your unit's State Authorization liaison.

It’s easy as checking this list of liaisons by unit.

2. Learn how to identify out-of-state activities.

This video teaches you the basics about what activities are subject to state authorization approvals:

3. Share these activities with your unit's liaison.

On the fence about a specific activity? When in doubt, share it out! The liaison will know what to do.

4. Pat yourself on the back.

You just helped our students and made your colleague’s job a little easier. Thanks for being a State Auth hero!