Congratulations Bre and Vinay!

The 2017 Barbara A. Glenn Student Scholarship was awarded to Front Desk Staffer, Bre Lampron, and Denney DU Assistant, Vinay Singaraju.

The Barbara Glenn Scholarship acknowledges student employees for excellent service to our organization, and it is 100% staff funded through Campus Campaign. Anyone from OCIO, ODEE and Enterprise Security can nominate a student employee who goes above and beyond with the work they do for our teams.

This year, we received 15 excellent nominations! It is always difficult to choose winners, but the Culture Team selected these two students for their hard work and dedication to our organizations. Each has received $500 toward autumn semester’s tuition.

Bre Lampron was nominated by Lauren Gannon Evans. Lauren said, “Bre’s work ethic is one of her strongest qualities and only adds to her pleasant, kind, hardworking and respectful demeanor and her high level of maturity and responsibility.”

Lauren added, “Bre is the one I go to, the one I can count on, and she represents ODEE and OCIO at a level expected of our full time employees. Bre highlights the best and brightest of the student population at this university.”

Vinay Singaraju was nominated by Queenie Chow and John Titus. Queenie said, “Vinay has shown that he can react to unusual instances with professionalism and respect. He serves as a good example to other staff and continues to represent ODEE positively in every instance.”

John shared the following about Vinay: “Mr. Singaraju is a fantastic employee at the Digital Union, and has a work ethic I strive to mimic. A guest never leaves the lab unsatisfied when Vinay is on (and at times off) the clock.”

If you have the pleasure of working with one of these students, be sure to congratulate them and wish them luck on the upcoming semester!