Service Spotlight: CarmenConnect

Are you planning a webinar? Do you want to allow for group participation during your presentation? How about the ability to record the presentation to share later? Now throw in the challenge that you will have guests from outside the university attending this unique online meeting. Can it all be done with one tool?

It sure can! CarmenConnect is a powerful, yet flexible way to bring people from various parts of the world together. You can adjust the tool’s settings to accommodate any style of presentation, from small group discussions to large lectures. Unlike other university tools, participants do not need to have an Ohio State username to attend a CarmenConnect presentation.

CarmenConnect allows for unique configurations using “pods” within your presentation. Besides screen sharing and chat options, you can add video pods, Q&A pods, break-out rooms and polls. CarmenConnect also includes reporting features and the ability to make minor edits before sharing recorded presentations.

If you need guidance creating a unique CarmenConnect presentation, please submit a CarmenConnect help request. You can also send general questions about the tool to and browse how-to articles and more in the Resource Center.