2017 CIO Poll Results

Thanks for your feedback! We are excited to share the results of our 2017 CIO poll, completed by 1,265 faculty, staff and students. This annual poll helps us understand the needs of our customers and address any areas for improvements in our services.

Over the past fiscal year, we’ve analyzed the nearly 2,000 customer comments we received from the 2016 CIO poll. These comments were divided over our 15 services and grouped in common themes so that we could implement an improvement plan. These improvements were then executed throughout the fiscal year and we’re happy to report increases across a majority of our services in overall satisfaction, ease of use, and meeting needs.

This year:

  • 7 out of 13 previously surveyed services saw an increase in “overall satisfaction”
  • 9 out of 13 previously surveyed services saw an increase in “ease of use”
  • 10 out of 13 previously surveyed services saw an increase in “meeting customer needs”

We’ve listed a few of the major improvements to come to the seven services that saw an increase in all three-success metrics (satisfaction, ease of use, and meeting needs) below:

  • Reporting Applications: Updated and improved frequently asked questions posted to more clearly explain the service to customers.    
  • BuckeyeBar: Identified valuable times and offerings and adjusted accordingly.
  • Financial Applications: Implemented Prodigo 6.3 in eStores navigation and functionality.
  • Human Resource Applications: Implemented improvements to user interface, implemented two factor authentication and W-2 forms for 2016 within PeopleSoft.
  • University Email Service: Worked with our training team to improve communications about use of ‘archive’ and ‘archive tags’ features. We also worked with Service Now team to create a request item for additional email storage and are currently identifying possible upgrades to the service.
  • Buckeye Box: Updated training guides and improved signup processes.
  • The Ohio State App: Updated to new app user interface.

This year we’ve added five services to the poll to make a new total of 18 and better represent our university offerings. Learn more about the 2017 results in our complete report and contact Statistical & Reporting Management with any questions.

We are also collecting feedback throughout this year. Please let us know how we’re doing after we’ve completed a service request or tweet us at @TechOhioState.