Enterprise Applications Restructures

As announced by Provost McPheron and CFO Geoff Chatas this morning, we are moving forward with implementing Workday for Finance, HR, and Student. . Unlike past implementations and upgrades, we will be working to implement Workday for Finance and HR simultaneously with a Student system move to Workday following quickly behind. This direction reduces the overall cost and complexity of the move, but does start us on a path that we, as an IT organization, have not taken before.

Recognizing the greatly expanded scope and critical nature of this project, it is important that we have our teams focused on their key objectives. To that end, we decided that we need to do some restructuring of our Enterprise Applications team.

Effective February 1, 2017, Enterprise Applications has been split into 2 groups:

  • Administrative Systems, led by Dave Kieffer, reporting to Mike Hofherr
  • Application Services, led by Bob Mains, reporting to Diane Dagefoerde

Administrative Systems

Administrative Systems implements and operates enterprise-class administrative systems that support all of Ohio State (such as Workday, PeopleSoft, Batch and EIP).  The major components of our responsibilities are:

  • Implementations and major projects
  • Operations and monitoring
  • Integration
  • Configuration

Application Services

This new organization brings together several strategic technology teams providing custom software development, purchased and cloud solutions, and support services. The Applications Services Portfolio includes the following common services along with current projects underway within these groups:

  • The Ohio State App
  • BuckeyeLink
  • BuckeyeLearn
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • eSignature
  • Grad Forms
  • Sponsorship Portal
  • Local Applications
  • HR Action Request (HRA)
  • eRequest
  • eTravel
  • eLeave
  • eTime 
  • University Code Repository (UCR)

These changes represent the beginning of an exciting journey towards building the next generation of applications and service solutions, with a strong customer focus, that deliver value to the university.   Both teams will continue to work closely together and will continue to iterate on the right internal structures to meet their missions over time. The Data Warehouse team will continue to report directly to Diane Dagefoerde.

To view more detailed information on these changes, see the visual org chart at orgchart.osu.edu.