Offsite Storage and Colocation

Meet Security Requirements Using OCIO Offsite Storage and Colocation
If you need to strengthen your data center and disaster recovery posture, the OCIO offers offsite storage and colocation services that can help you achieve your goals.

The Ohio State Information Security Control Requirement (ISCR) outlines best-practice security control requirements that we are all striving to meet. Using OCIO offsite storage and colocation services can accelerate your time table to meet ISCR, give you an immediate risk reduction, improve quality and increase capacity.

We’ve also reduced costs, allowing you to pay lower rates for storing your data. We currently offer storage at the very low and highly competitive price of $0.045 per gigabyte. If you explored our services before and found them too costly for your budget, it’s time to take another look!

Services We Offer Today

  • Colocation: If you have an existing data center, but it needs to be updated to meet the Ohio State Information Security Control Requirement (ISCR), OCIO’s colocation service can help. Located at the State of Ohio Computer Center (SOCC), the service offers you immediate access to a Tier-III-like facility. It’s faster and cheaper than upgrading your data center, especially if your current data center is far from meeting security requirements.
  • Offsite Storage: If you already have an existing data center that meets ISCR requirements, but you need a qualifying backup, OCIO’s Offsite Storage service may be right for you. It meets offsite back up control requirements for departments that store classified as S3 (Private) or S4 (Restricted). OCIO’s Offsite Storage service also encrypts data both at rest and in flight to meet ISCR requirements. In addition, a second backup of your data is encrypted on our servers at Wright State University, allowing you to meet the requirement of a secured back up more than 25 miles from your primary data center.

Future Services Planned
Moving storage offsite begins with a consultation. OCIO works with you to determine the required configuration and your current and near future storage needs. Under our current model, we offer you space and resources, and your IT administrators manage your data needs. We are working on a full-service “private cloud” option, which will include administration of your stored resources, freeing up your IT staff to work on other projects within your business unit. We expect to offer this new service within the next year!

Have Questions?
If you have questions about our Offsite Storage Solutions, please contact, Sean McCartney, Associate Director of Enterprise Servers & Storage via email at McCartney.72 or phone at (614) 688-4459 or would like to understand more about the SOCC, please contact Jamie Lambert, Director, Telecommunications & Facilities via email at Lambert.102 or by phone at (614) 292-9156.