New Student Information System Enhances Program 60 Experience

With the start of a new year comes a wave of changes that impact students, faculty and staff at The Ohio State University. For students, it could be a new class schedule to memorize. For faculty, it could be a course you’re teaching for the first time. For the participants of Program 60, it’s a new registration system for their program, enrolling in courses, and becoming a part of the Student Information System.

This change began as a project to have guests who are regularly on campus added into the Student Information System and MyBuckeyeLink so administration could become better aware of who was on campus and for what reason. The top priority of this project was to ensure the safety and security of everyone on campus. To get the ball rolling on this project the Office of Distance Education and eLearning worked with the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Registrar’s Office, Bursars Office, and the Office of Admissions to identify a large population of campus guests to pilot the new system. This population turned out to be the Program 60 participants.

“While the new program registration and enrollment process has been updated significantly from previous semesters, we fully support the university’s decision to move forward with the pilot program,” Lauren Evans, Program Coordinator of Student Services, said. “Being a part of this process has been beneficial for Program 60 and, in turn, the entire campus community.”

Program 60 is a program offered by the university that gives Ohio residents age 60 and older the opportunity to experience academic excellence at Ohio State. These residents are allowed to take university credit courses on an audit, space available basis, tuition-free through the program, giving them the chance to head back to school and use their retirement to learn something new.

The new process includes participants filling out a registration form and then enrolling into classes, just like a typical Ohio State student. The Admission’s Office handles moving participants into the existing system and sending them a confirmation email. By following the new process, Program 60 participants now have access to many university benefits, like the free Microsoft Office download, BuckeyeBox, and BuckeyeMail.

However, the benefits don’t just stop at the Program 60 participants. Faculty members now have the benefit of knowing when a P60 participant enrolls in their course, with participants automatically receiving an audit grade, access to the Secure Media Library, and included on all classroom communication through Carmen.

“Essentially, they are being treated like a real Ohio State student. While they don’t earn credits, they do get the experience of being on-campus at a top-notch institution,” Evans said.

The entire experience has been a positive way to move the university forward and focus on the safety of everyone on Ohio State’s Columbus campus.

“Program 60 participants should be proud of participating in this pilot program. Their patience and flexibility had a huge impact on the campus community,” Evans said.

Interested in taking courses through Program 60? Visit their website to learn more and find out when registration for summer semester is open.