Attend Kickstart Week

We get it! Teaching online can be difficult.

Maybe you want to create an interactive course, but don’t know where to begin. Or You want to expand your understanding of the tools needed to lead an effective hybrid-course, but don’t know how. Whatever your goals are, you can accomplish them and gain the skills that will set you and students up for a year of success by participating in Kickstart Week.

During the four-day workshop, you will participate in a combination of discussions and hands-on assisted work time.

Attendees can sign up to attend all four days for a well-rounded experience, or select specific days based on their interests.


Day One: Course Design, Quality and Learning Objectives

Start the week off by discussing with experts the use of backward design and the positive impact it has during course development. Attendees will learn how ensure their course meets essential standards of quality and accessibility. 


Day Two: Assessments and Academic Integrity

During the second session, participants will focus on creating assignments and rubrics that align with their course learning outcomes and objectives, as well as discuss and evaluate different types of alternative assessments. Special guest Chris Manion from the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing will present on strategies to identify ways to incorporate different kinds of writing assessments and activities. Discover the tools to success for communicating expectations, grading criteria, and academic integrity.


Day Three: Creating Engaging Online Activities

Attendees will learn how to foster engagement in their online course and help students understand how to succeed on assignments. They will discover ways to recognize new opportunities in online contexts from other instructors. Participants will learn how to use Ohio State produced materials their courses and discover how to develop activities for both individuals and groups. Visiting experts will explain how to use various Ohio State-supported systems in classroom activities.


Day Four: Delivering Online Content

On the final day of workshops, participants will be presented with different strategies and tools for delivering course content online. They will learn the basics and best practices of graphic design to make a more effective online experience. Additionally, participants will be introduced to materials offered by Ohio State libraries and learn how to navigate copyright in online courses. 

Then, experience a throwback to high school with a “field trip” to the Denney Hall Digital Union. Participants will tour the 1-Touch recording studio and try it out themselves, getting practice using the technology in the studio. Attendees are encouraged to bring their flash drive, so they can take their masterpieces home!

Come learn something new and set yourself up for a year of success. Register today!