Hosting Successful Hybrid Meetings

Know the Tech in Your Meeting Room

Understanding the technology available in a meeting room is the first step in determining how to set up your meeting. There is always a way to have a successful hybrid meeting! This page will give you a brief explaination of tips; for more details please vist the Administrative Resource Center.

Best Options for Meeting Room Capabilities
Meeting Room CapabilitiesBest Option(s)
Fully equipped for video conferencingZoom, Teams
Poly Trio/Visual+ devices onlySkype audio and/or video
No advanced tech, just wifiParticipants log in on their devices from the meeting room


Select the Best Hybrid Meeting Tool

Zoom, Teams, and Skype for Business are all available but there are unique features which may make one better than another for a particular meeting. You can compare features of Zoom, Teams, and Skype for Business to make the choice that’s right for your meeting.


Meeting Invitation 

Make sure participants have all the information they need in the meeting invitation:

  • Include a link to join the meeting, a link to the cloud-based agenda, and related documents for easy reference.
  • Establish if cameras are expected to be on and if everyone should bring their laptop to join the meeting through Zoom/Teams. 

Before the Meeting

Arriving a few minutes early and testing connections can ensure that you are able to start your meeting on time.


During the Meeting 

Some simple changes can simplify hybrid meetings for all participants.

  • At the start of the meeting:
    • Add a link to the meeting notes document in the chat.
    • Assign meeting roles such as facilitator, note taker and chat moderator.
    • Verbalize any ground rules and who is in meeting roles.
    • Remind people to mute when they are not speaking.
  • During the meeting:
    • Ask participants to limit chat to questions and keep side conversations to a minimum.
    • Remember to review and address questions from the chat.
    • In breakouts, consider having in person and remote people work together.
    • Consider using a shared digital whiteboard in Zoom or a digital whiteboard in Teams.
    • As the host, make sure you pause to see if there is any input from your virtual sites.
  • Wrap up: 
    • Record action items within the notes and verbalize with the group so everyone is on the same page.
    • Address remaining questions from the chat.
  • Recurring meetings:

Need help?

If you need tech help on an OCIO-supported meeting room, call 614-688-4357.

If a meeting room does not have the equipment needed for hybrid or virtual meetings, OCIO can help you upgrade! For more details, contact the OCIO TEMS team at