Technology Access After Graduation

If you are graduating soon, CONGRATULATIONS!

As you prepare for your next steps after graduation and your relationship with the university evolves, remember that your access to technology services will also be changing. Graduating from the university will change permissions for your Ohio State username (lastname.#) and password. Although access to many services extend past graduation, you will lose access to a few things at graduation. We recommend that you make any necessary changes a week prior to graduating.

If you are an Ohio State employee, you can disregard these guidelines. 

No Action Needed


If you were issued a Digital Flagship iPad kit, you can keep your full iPad kit at no charge. 


Access Ends Upon Graduation


You will lose U.OSU access  and access to websites you've developed using this tool upon graduation. When you lose access, you will be unable to sign into your site, even to delete it. It is simple to save your content by exporting it to another WordPress site. Check out this Word Press export process for a walk-through.  If you used your U.OSU account to manage a group blog or website, transfer your site privileges  to another user or change admins.

University Library Databases

Remote access to library databases is discontinued upon graduation. You may still access library resources as a guest from campus locations. 

Tech Hub Discounts

Besides service access changes, upon graduation, you'll no longer be eligible for exclusive academic discounts on technology purchases at Tech Hub.


30-Day Access After Graduation


After graduation, you will retain access to CarmenZoom for 30 days. If you recorded meetings to the cloud that you want to keep, you must download and save those recordings from your account within 30 days. If you would like to set up a personal Zoom account, you can do so by using your personal, non-OSU email. Once you have left the university, you will no longer be able to use any Ohio State-issued email address (,, for a personal Zoom account.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Your access to Adobe Creative Cloud apps will end 30 days after graduation. Download completed projects to your personal computer or save them to a cloud storage service if you would like to keep them for future use. If you purchase your own Creative Cloud subscription, you will be able to migrate your files to your new account. Follow Adobe’s instructions for file migration.  


60-Day Access After Graduation

Employment and Applications at Ohio State

Your current Workday profile is active for 60 days post-graduation. If you have applied for a job at Ohio State, your application process will continue for any position in which you are currently a final candidate. To ensure you are considered for future Ohio State employment opportunities at 60 days post-graduation and beyond, access the Ohio State careers site ( and create a new profile using the "non-Ohio State employees" link.


Two-Year Access After Graduation


You will retain access to "eduroam" and “Registered4OSU” for two years after graduation. You will also continue to have access to the unencrypted "WiFi@OSU" visitor network.


You will be able to log in to Carmen for 2 years after graduation, however, the length of time that course content remains on Carmen is at the discretion of the instructor. We recommend that you download and save copies of any of your course assignments that you want to keep as soon as possible after graduation.

OneDrive and Microsoft 365 Student Advantage/ProPlus

Your access to Microsoft 365 Student Advantage/ProPlus will continue for two years after you graduate. This includes: Outlook, OneDrive, MSOffice, and other Microsoft 365 applications.  If you have used BuckeyeBox in past years, be sure all the files you need are in your OneDrive account. If any files are missing, be sure to download them from Box.


You can continue to use your Ohio State email address BuckeyeMail account ( ) for 24 months after graduation. No action is required from you to retain your email access during this 2 year period. During that time we recommend transitioning any contacts and accounts associated with your Ohio State email addresses to an alternative email service.


For two years after graduation, you can log in to to view your financial and academic history, update personal information and more. BuckeyePass two-factor login is required to access the Student Center, so be sure to keep your registered device information updated.


Need Help?

For technical assistance beyond the resources provided above, call 614-688-4357 (HELP). We wish you a smooth transition to your next adventure.