Student Operational Data Store

The Student Operational Data Store (ODS) is an analytics and integrations focused datastore that is used by staff to support student business processes, operations, and reporting.

The Student ODS and Data Marts are two Oracle databases that supplement Peoplesoft Student Information System (SIS). These two systems are used to support student-based reporting, as well as business processes that exist outside of Peoplesoft. Many colleges and units utilize the data within the ODS to directly source information about students, courses, and other datasets that originate within SIS.

ODS Access

For access to DWHCRPT or DWDMOSU databases, complete the ODS access request form.

Enterprise Student Records and Enrollment Reports (SSRS)

For access to Enterprise Student Records and Enrollment Reports, complete the OESAR access request form.



Why would I use the ODS?

The ODS houses data from the Student Information System (SIS) and will allow users to create reports to answer data and analytics questions.

Is it live data?

The ODS is refreshed on a daily basis and is typically ready to use by 7 AM EST.

Where can I get a list of the tables in the ODS?

Coming soon.

Is it an exact copy of the SIS?

In some cases, yes. Some tables are copied from the SIS to the ODS; some tables are partial copies where not all the columns/fields are brought to the ODS; and some tables are custom objects which were created for the analytics area to address specific needs.

What is the best tool to use to access the data?

Several software programs can be used to access the data and your choice depends on your use case; but Tableau is highly encouraged.

Is training available?

Training for use of ODS and SIS data sources is still forthcoming.


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