Microsoft Contract Changes

Microsoft is substantially changing their contract terms and conditions that will result in a significant increase in cost to the University. These changes include a reduction in storage allocation and Unified A5 license feature changes (removes EMS and Power Bi Pro for students). 

Key Contacts: Ginger Breon, Jason Pollock 

What strategic pillars does it support? 

  • Learning
  • Research 
  • Outreach 
  • Operational Excellence & Innovation 
  • Community of Belonging 

Why is it important? 

The Microsoft Office 365 service is the foundational communication platform for OSU, providing email and calendaring functionality and telephone services. In addition, this software application encompasses a suite of applications like OneDrive (storage) and collaboration tool, Teams. The contract changes Microsoft is implementing will impact the functionality of the platform and the cost of using it. Therefore, we need to review the forthcoming changes, evaluate the impact, engage stakeholders to determine best strategy for implementing modifications to the service to provide the greatest value to the University.

Who will benefit? 

Faculty, students, staff and guests

What is the timeline? 

  • February 2024 changes will impact OSU Guests and OSUWMC accounts 
  • By June 2026 all changes will be enforced 

Who are our partners and sponsors? 

Entire University (all employees). Advisory committees (Faculty Senate), OAA, SFOs, B&F, IT partners.

What other OTDI groups will be needed?

  • Administration – Marketing (Muhn) 
  • Administration – Service Now (Muhn) 
  • Administration – IT Service Desk (Muhn) 
  • Research Technology and Infrastructure (Breon) 
  • DST – Identity Management (Nagle) 
  • Application Services – (Sanbe) (TBD) 

How will success be measured? 

  • $ saved to defray increase license cost 
  • Reduction in OneDrive storage 
  • Reduction in number of applications not used 
  • # Stakeholders in engaged in developing and communicating new strategy
Learning, Research, Outreach, Innovation and Belonging icons all highlighted within IT Pillars Supported graphic