Buckeye TEC Program

As a university, we are committed to reducing student cost to degree by reducing the cost of technology and reducing costs through technology. The components of Buckeye TEC that OTDI will continue to support in FY24 are: Adobe Creative Cloud, Virtual Desktop, and Student Technology Loan Program.

The following work will occur: 

  1. Either gracefully retire Adobe CC by end of FY24 OR identify ongoing funding source 
  2. Either gracefully retire VDI by end of FY25 OR identify ongoing funding source 
  3. Monitor STLP usage to determine future inventory requirements and eligibility measures 


Key Contacts: Marty Winders, Max Treboni, Dave Renner, Bob Muhn, Ginger Breon 

What will this commitment look like in action?

Buckeye Tec project diagram listing what students get now, what is in this request, and all leading to expanding access to resources

What strategic pillars does it support? 

  • Teaching 
  • Research 
  • Culture and Community 

Why is it important? 

Adobe Creative Cloud: There have been 8,466 unique job postings in Ohio between January-September 2022. Skills in Adobe Creative Cloud are among the most desired by Ohio employers. This tool has been downloaded by more than 5,000 students since May 2023 and is an industry standard in creative business software. 

Virtual Desktop: Gives students access to software, at no out of pocket cost to them, anywhere in the world. In the growing hybrid/on-line education model, VDI allows students to access the software required for coursework without having to step foot on campus. 

Student Technology Loan Program: This program provides a loaner iPad or Microsoft Surface Go 3 device to any tech insecure active student. Both machines can accommodate all year-1 curriculum, including digital inking coursework. Students can become eligible for a loan through a referral by an advisor or other student advocate, and beginning in FY24, students will be able to self-enroll in the loan program. Device loans can be renewed each semester as long as the student remains actively enrolled.   With the retirement of Digital Flagship, it is currently unknown how many incoming cohort students will arrive without the technology required to participate in the developed curriculum.

Who will benefit? 

ALL Faculty, students, researchers

What is the timeline? 

  • Work began in January, 2023 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is currently scheduled to sunset after FY24 
  • Virtual Desktop is currently scheduled to sunset after FY25 
  • Student Technology Loan Program has funding through FY24 and will then be re-evaluated based on the success of the current program 

Who are our partners and sponsors? 

For FY24, our Financers for these three tools include: OTDI/Colleges for ACC, OTDI/ENG for VDI, and B&F for the STLP.   

All colleges have helped define student technology requirements and worked with OTDI and Student Academic Excellence to share those requirements with incoming students so that they come to the university better prepared from a technology for curriculum continuity to continue in the absence of university provided iPads. 
Engineering has graciously agreed to continue to fund half of the current licenses for our VDI platform.

What other OTDI groups will be needed?

  • Application Services  
  • Data Integrations and Architecture  
  • Digital Security and Trust  
  • Financial Management & Customer Experience  
  • Research Technology and Infrastructure  

How will success be measured? 

  • # of students using service 
  • Cost/user/service
Learning, Research and Belonging icons highlighted within IT Pillars Supported graphic