Organizational Changes Announced for Newly Named Office of Technology and Digital Innovation

Over the past five months, the IT leadership team, led by Chief Information Officer Cindy Leavitt, has met with students, faculty, staff and stakeholders to better understand how our organization can evolve to effectively support the university's strategic goals moving forward.

We are excited to share a high-level overview of upcoming organizational changes and how they align with our core goals. Rest assured - these changes are being made to better serve the needs of our faculty, students, and staff. They do not, however impact who you work with or how you get help. Cindy recorded a short video detailing these changes. Check it out below!

What will these changes accomplish?

  • Focus our structure on the university’s strategic goals.
  • Unify as one team under a single organization name/identity.
  • Move Workday project to an integrated production support model.
  • Reduce redundancies across our organization.
  • Flatten reporting lines within our organization.

New Name

Over the next six months, we will be transitioning from OCIO, ODEE and Enterprise Security to a new unified organization – the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation. You can now reach us via email at

New Structure

Effective immediately, we’ve changed some reporting lines as well as the names of our teams. Here are the new team names and leaders.

  • Distance Education and Career Pathways (Rob Griffiths)
  • Digital Security and Trust (Rich Nagle)
  • Fiscal Management and Customer Experience (Bob Muhn)
  • Learning Technology and Student Success (Rob Griffiths)
  • Research Technology and Infrastructure (Diane Dagefoerde)
  • Data and Integration Services (Lonnie Morgan and Glenn Donaldson)
  • App Services and Business Solutions (Bob Mains and Jeff Allen)
  • Chief of Staff, Culture, Diversity and Belonging (TBD)

Key Changes

  • Consolidation of the design and build of all spaces under our Learning Environments team.
  • Move of the IT Service Desk from our Infrastructure Team to our Customer Experience team.
  • Unifying our administrative applications teams together, reporting to the CIO under a Chief Applications Solution Officer.
  • Moving our data teams together, reporting to the CIO under a Chief Data Officer.
  • Hiring a Chief of Staff, Culture, Diversity and Belonging.