Our Culture

OCIO & ODEE Employees

Our culture defines us, and being true to who we are is at the core of our guiding principles and values.

OCIO & ODEE Employees


The Ohio State University community is incredibly diverse, with every conceivable nationality, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical capability and socio-economic background imaginable. Our technology groups are working hard to build a diverse, inclusive culture. In addition, the university has numerous resources designed to welcome a diverse workforce and help them find their place within our community.

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“New ideas help us grow our communication capabilities and make us a stronger team. Only through employing diverse, creative, and innovative individuals can we engage The Ohio State University’s vast and complex audience of faculty, staff, students, and prospective students.”
Katharine Keune, Chief Communication Officer

Bringing Our Culture to Life

Our Culture Team is made up of volunteer representatives across OTDI. These individuals are selected because they embody our culture and lead by example. Each is committed to excellence in our culture. The culture team leads a number of activities, including:

  • Managing our annual Voice of the Employee survey
  • Overseeing the Group Mentoring Program
  • Planning and coordinating our quarterly Rewards and Recognition events


We have a strong culture of gratitude and we love saying thank you! Did someone do something nice for you? We have Thank It Forward note cards you can send them to show your appreciation! If mailing a card isn’t your thing, take advantage of our electronic Kudos program, that adds your feedback to the informaiton that is displayed with their picture on the OTDI online organizational chart. We take pride in giving our team members a rewards and recognition system that allows them to show their coworkers that they are appreciated. We love teamwork and collaboration. Give us a great idea on where we can improve or what programs we should consider adding, and we will do our best to make it happen.  

OTDI team members participating in Pelotonia 2022

Charitable Giving

Staff and students within OTDI participant in charitable giving in a variety of ways. Through university-wide initiatives like the Campus CampaignBucks for Charity and Pelotonia, members of OTDI work together to achieve fundraising goals set forth by our organization and by the university.