New Options for Managing and Protecting Your Mobile Data with AirWatch

Enterprise Mobility Management is difficult. The Ohio State Enterprise Security team is trying to get it right. It’s difficult because it’s defined differently at every company, website or news story. It’s difficult because users worry about privacy. And it’s difficult because in spite of all the complexity involved, it’s become increasingly necessary.

People lose mobile devices. Sometimes they get stolen. They can also be hacked. So we need Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and Enterprise Security has reviewed solutions that can work for a widely disparate group of business units, colleges, faculty and staff.

The purpose of Enterprise Mobility Management is to boost security while separating personal information from university data stored on mobile devices. It protects university date from unauthorized access, loss and theft.

We’re introducing a new Enterprise Mobility Management service powered by AirWatch (replacing Good™).

What is it called?

Enterprise Mobility Management, or EMM. Other names that you may hear it called will be:

  • AirWatch  - vendor name
  • AirWatch Agent - MDM
  • VMWare Boxer - Container
  • Good Replacement

How can I use it?

Depending on how your college or business unit decides to implement AirWatch, you will have up to two options for protecting your mobile device(s), whether personal or university-owned:

  • Boxer: The app store product for AirWatch is called VMware Boxer. It’s perfect for employees who prefer to keep their personal and business lives separate. Install the Boxer app to keep your university email, appointments and contacts separate from your personal information. However, if you prefer to combine personal with university emails, calendars and contacts, Boxer also gives you that option.
  • Mobile Device Management via AirWatch: If you prefer to use the native email app that you are using on your device, you can install AirWatch Agent. With this option you can conveniently receive university email and your personal email in one mailbox while protecting it with more robust security. AirWatch also allows you to use your device’s calendar and contacts apps to manage work information. This option is recommended for those who use mobile devices to access restricted or protected university data.

Need additional help?

You can get additional information in our Knowledge Base. Questions can also be directed to the IT Service Desk at 614-688-HELP (4357) or submitted online. We appreciate and value your role in our partnership to keep data safe.