Preparing for December 2021 System Retirements

PeopleSoft, BuckeyeOasis, and several reporting systems will be retired at the end of December 2021. This includes:

  • PeopleSoft Legacy Apps (Finance, HR, eMaterials)
  • eReports
  • BuckIQ
  • NVision
  • BuckeyeOasis (HRA, eRequest, eTravel, eTimesheet)


OCIO will be taking incremental steps as part of the final shutdown of the legacy systems.

Starting on November 1, 2021, access for users will begin to be removed. Users who do not have an approved exception will no longer have access to these systems. Most user accounts will be shut off before the end of November. For users that need access to historical data beyond this date, a few options are available.

Archived Financial Reports: A core set of financial reports have been archived in PDF and CSV format and available via OnBase, also referred to as Enterprise Document Management (EDM).

  • GLU009OS-45 Chartfield Combination Revenue & Expense Budget vs Actual Summary
  • GLU004OS-91 Revenue & Expense Transaction Detail
  • GLU006OS-91 Balance Sheet Transaction Detail
  • GLU007OS-90 Chartfield Combination Revenue & Expense Budget vs Actual
  • GLU003OS-61 Fund Group Summary of Assets, Liabilities, and Equity
  • GLU004-007 Interweave Rev & Exp Budget vs Actual Summary and Transaction Detail
  • AMU116OS Physical Inventory and Equipment Review Year End Report (added 10/22/21)


To learn more about accessing these reports, please refer to the Retrieving Historical Reports from OnBase instructions in the Administrative Resource Center (ARC).

  • Commonly Used Reports: Some of the more frequently used eReports and BuckIQ reports have been recreated using other tools. To learn more about the available historical reports that were created using Tableau, please see the dashboard:

  • Student-focused eReports and BuckIQ: OSAS has created new reports for every Student Records eReport in a new SSRS reporting tool. All student records BuckIQ reports are being retired. The BuckIQ Grade Distribution report is now an SSRS report. The metrics from BuckIQ Seat & Section Capacity have been added to the SSRS Schedule of Classes reports. If you have any questions, please email the OSAS team:

  • PeopleSoft Data: Permanent copies of the PeopleSoft application and other databases have been captured and access to these databases can be requested for inquiries or other needs.


If you have questions about acquiring or accessing historical and legacy data from retired systems, please use the Reporting Teams and Focus Areas listing as found in the ARC to contact the appropriate group for additional assistance.