Clarifications for Several Financial Reports

Based on user feedback, additional clarifying information is being provided about several financial reports.

Customer Invoice Lines with Cost Center - Report to help reconcile accounts receivable at cost center level.

This report will provide units the ability to manage accounts receivable for Customer Invoices (external billing). The report provides customer payment information, receivables aging, and invoices in collections. The report can be generated at a cost center or balancing unit level as well as hierarchies.

Find Internal Service Delivery Lines by Cost Center - Report to review Internal Service Delivery with line memo details which helps for reviewing by cost center or cost center hierarchy.

This report will provide units with the tools needed to reconcile their internal purchased goods or services. Use of the date prompts will allow units to define the monthly period for reconciliation. The report can also be run by Internal Service Provider (ISP).

Requisitions for Internal Suppliers ISD - Report to review requisitions and purchase orders associated with ISDs. New fields include Gift, Assignee, and Expenditure Treatment.

This report is for use by Internal Suppliers and is needed to create the ISD entry. The report provides the worktags and funding sources for the ISD line entry. In addition, the report provides the requisition number that can be added to the ISD memo line for audit purposes and reconciliation.