Reminders About Attachments and Comments

It’s known that Workday users are experiencing workflow issues while attempting to edit a transaction in workflow or after approval. The Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) team is working with Workday on a long-term solution. For the interim, please use the tips listed below.

  • When a transaction is in workflow, approvers and service centers should add attachments and make comments from their Inbox view. This is typically when users first encounter a transaction that requires their attention.
  • After approval, when users need make updates, such as add an attachment or leave comments, they can use the “edit” feature of the transactions related actions. Be aware that these edits will re-trigger the approval workflow if the “Submit” button is clicked.
  • A way to tell if you will re-start workflow is if you click “Submit” option vs. the “Approve” or “Save for Later” option to complete your work.
  • On a requisition, if you wish to add a comment, but not Approve or Send Back, you can edit the Requisitions, add a comment in the Activity Stream, click “Post” and then leave the transaction without taking further action.
  • When “Save for Later” is used, the transaction will fall out of everyone else’s inbox for that step in the workflow.

This information will also be added to the Workday Finance section of the Administrative Resources Center (ARC) soon.