Actions Required: Payroll Accounting and Commitments

The items below were recently shared with the finance community at Ohio State.

Item 1 - For employees currently working on grants, their funding end dates will not convert to Workday and encumbrances may incorrectly run through the end of the project.

For example: a grant's end date is 12/31/20, but the individual's funding end date is 8/31/20. Once converted to Workday, the funds will encumber through 12/31/20. If you want the encumbrance to end on 8/31/20, a Costing Allocation will need to be done once Workday is live. Please discuss this with your grants managers and principal investigators, as their grant balances may be impacted.

Item 2 - As a best practice, once a Federal Work Study student's award has been exhausted, please remove all Federal Work Study funding from the Department Budget Table, as well as transfer the student into a non-Federal Work Study position.

Item 3 - Please review the key Expenditure Treatment updates, which were recently shared with Senior Business Officers.