Revised: Personal Expense Checkbox on Expense Report and Repayment Process

After identifying significant accounting issues with negative expense report balances since this original update was shared, a custom validation was added to prevent an expense report from being submitted with the Personal Expense checkbox selected.

When a personal expense occurs on one of the university’s payment tools (e.g., PCard), there are timely actions that must be taken to document repayment within 7 business days of the purchase.  Refer to the Repayment Process for Personal Expense Charged to University Payment Tools (PCard) job aid for step-by-step guidance.

For additional questions or assistance, contact Travel or PCard at 614-292-9290.


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A custom validation has been added to prevent an expense report from being submitted with the Personal Expense checkbox selected. Personal expenditures are not eligible for reimbursement and are not permitted on the PCard. 

The following process should be followed in the case of an erroneous charge: 

  1. Amount must be repaid by check to Ohio State within 7 business days and provided to your fiscal office.
  2. A Customer Deposit/Payment Specialist should create a cash sale using revenue category RC1722 (Expenditure Recovery). This revenue category will post a credit to ledger account 66050 (Other Expense). The credit to expense ledger account may differ from the expense ledger account from the accounting the expense report.
    1. Use instructions for creating a cash sale.
    2. Deposit is made simultaneously; this might be by the person creating the cash sale but could vary based on the unit. Fiscal leadership in your unit can provide additional guidance if needed.
  3. The personal expense should be documented for awareness in the memo field of the expense report line along with cash sale number that was created from repayment. 

In the event that the charge is not identified until the expense report is being created/approved, the process should be held, and the employee should remit payment as soon as possible. Once the cash sale is processed it should be documented on the expense report and the process can continue.