New Business Travel Lifecycle Curriculum

Business and Finance has a new travel curriculum available in BuckeyeLearn. Learners are able to add all the modules to their transcript in one curriculum or search for and complete the individual pieces as needed. The course is primarily for travel arrangers and travelers who want more information regarding the travel process.  The modules are broken into steps of the travel lifecycle.

Travel 1: Planning Business Travel

  • Identify travel tools and resources
  • Navigate to the Travel Policy to ensure application throughout the business travel process
  • Estimate the cost of business travel
  • Determine funding source
  • Prepare for unique travel needs
  • Find additional guidance

Travel 2: Requesting Business Travel Authorization

  • Explain the process to create a spend authorization
  • Understand the timing of submitting a spend authorization
  • Explain how to find then edit/cancel Spend Authorization
  • Explain the approval process for a spend authorization
  • Understand how to find additional guidance

Travel 3: Booking and Arranging Business Travel

  • Describe the process for booking airfare
  • Describe the process for reserving a rental car
  • Describe the process for reserving a hotel
  • Review payment options
  • Find additional guidance

​Travel 4: Expensing Business Travel

  • Review the timing of submitting an expense report
  • Explain process to create an expense report
  • Explain the approval process for an expense report
  • Explain how to find/edit/cancel an expense report
  • Find additional guidance 

Contact Financial Training at if you experience any issues with the training or contact the Travel office at if you have any travel specific questions.

Link to BuckeyeLearn

Link to the full Travel curricula