Important Workday Implementation Freeze Dates for December

The online Workday Calendar, provided by the Enterprise Project, shares a full listing of deadlines and system freeze dates as part of the move to Workday. Below is a listing of deadlines happening during December.

December 1:

  • HR Action and Green Action become read only
  • Position Control System (PCS) becomes read only

December 4:

  • Last Day for Employees to submit a life event change in Employee Self Service
  • Last Day for benefits enrollment and changes in Employee Self Service

December 6:

  • Last day for applicants to apply to job postings in PeopleSoft and PeopleAdmin

December 7:

  • Last day for employees to submit eTravel (Campus, Health System)

December 10:

  • Last day to key Department Budget Table (DBT) updates in PeopleSoft
  • Last day to complete recruiting activities in PeopleSoft
  • Last day to process a hire in PeopleSoft (employee start date no later than 1/31/2021)
  • Last day to enter Direct Retro Distributions (DRDs) in PeopleSoft

December 11:

  • Last day to access Employee Self Service
  • Last day for units to approve eTravel (Campus, Health System)
  • PeopleSoft HR unavailable to faculty and staff
  • Last day to amend OSP awards in PeopleSoft
  • Last day to enter new gifts in PeopleSoft
  • Last day for units to approve travel request in eTravel for submission to service center
  • Last day to submit personal information changes in Employee Self Service

Deccember 14:

  • Last day to submit eRequests (including eStores orders and reimbursements)

December 16:

  • Last day to submit manual invoices to accounts payable

December 17:

  • Last day for college/VP unit approval of eRequests