Payroll Clearing and Transition to Workday

Residual Payroll Clearing balances housed in fund 010192 will be reclassified in December.

After the December 2020 Direct Retro Distribution deadline of 12/10/20 has passed, all remaining UNIV payroll clearing balances in fund 010192 will be reclassified to general fund 011000 in PeopleSoft, prior to Workday go-live.  The entries will be created and posted by the Office of the Controller based on the balances remaining on the HRB185 Post Distribution Report as of 12/23/20.

The existing chartfield combinations will be zeroed out and reclassified to the same organizations referenced on the report, fund 011000 and account 60192. Fringe Benefits will be calculated prior to December’s monthly close at the combined staff rate (Rate 2 for UNIV and Rate 12 for Health Systems/OSUMC).  Because of this, some departments may see an increase in December benefit expense due to the clean-up. 

There is a separate plan for Health Systems and The Office of Sponsored Programs/OSURF will not be affected.

To aid in reconciliation of these entries, the Office of the Controller will distribute a master spreadsheet that will include Earnings Codes, Earnings End Dates, Earnings Amounts, Earnings Hours, Employee Name and Employee ID. In addition, the Employee Name and ID will be included on the reclass journal.

Please contact with your questions.