C4U Level 3 Now Open

This spring saw the release of many new activities in the Cybersecurity for You (C4U) awareness platform, making it possible for everyone to reach Level 3. Now, you’ll be able to:

  • Balance caution with the convenience of mobile banking
  • Create one password to rule them all
  • Discover which browsers are the most secure
  • Demystify funky web links
  • Realize the ease and benefit of Office 365 over Google docs
  • Avoid the trap of pre-filled Outlook email addresses
  • Learn how the internet enables crime
  • Find out what websites want when they ask you to accept cookies
  • And, make your mobile device a happier place


Ohio State is thinking of every way possible to keep you and other Buckeyes safe. Visit Cybersecurity 4 You for a safer digital life!