More BuckeyeLearn Personalization with Learner Home

The BuckeyeLearn service, Ohio State’s cloud-based learning management system for non-academic learning, training and professional development has recently been enhanced with several exciting personalization features.

When BuckeyeLearn users access Learner Home (either via the navigation path Learning > Learner Home, or by using the red Learner Home button on the homepage), they will be presented with new functionality.

The Completions area allows you to quickly see how many course completions have been achieved during your lifetime use of BuckeyeLearn as well as how many hours of training you’ve completed for active curriculum.

The Your Subjects section or Add Subject Banner allow you to add preferred subjects to receive personalized course recommendations as they become available. Clicking through the banner slides also provides additional BuckeyeLearn reminders and quick tips for the Ohio State community.

Due Soon, Past Due or Assigned/ No Due Date course statuses help you prioritize your assignments and help you manage your time spent on training and professional development.

The Learner Home dashboard displays activities like Learning in Progress courses and newly Featured courses, to help keep these things top of mind—almost like a virtual sticky note.

Visit BuckeyeLearn’s Learner Home today and put these customizations to work for you. Questions about Learner Home? Contact the BuckeyeLearn team at