Third-Party Contract Courses

We offer your Ohio State academic department services to help facilitate contract credit course offerings to a select group of individuals determined by a third-party/external entity such as a business or government agency. 

The Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) provides services in contract with businesses, industry, civic organizations, government agencies, associations, healthcare providers, and other external parties to the university.

Our services for academic departments may include:

  • Coordination of fee suppression
  • Registration services
  • Student guidance for the admissions application process
  • Personal involvement with the students throughout the entire enrollment process
  • Coordination of the program through a point of contact within the academic department
  • Providing a fee waiver option for the students’ admission application fees on behalf of 
the academic department

Need Help?

For questions regarding Third-Party Contract Courses, call Extended Ed 614-292-8860 or email

Contract Credit Course Service Registration

Complete the Enrollment Information Form for Contract Course Students to begin the contractual outreach course registration process​.

This form is used determine the steps the registrant needs to take to become enrolled at The Ohio State University. 

Following a review of the information provided, the required next steps will be communicated to the registrant via email. Once the admission process has been completed, we will enroll the student in the course(s) requested using the information provided on the registration form.