Mastering Microsoft 365: How Collaborators' Migrations Affect You

As you know, moving files from BuckeyeBox to OneDrive for Business will take a number of months, due to the sheer volume of data that we need to move. You may also be aware that we will be moving files in groups – by college, business unit and/or department. We are meeting with your local IT support to plan these moves and take into account the diverse ways that our community uses BuckeyeBox.

Other Users’ File Migrations Affect You

Because we are moving accounts in groups since it is impossible to move everyone at one time, your use of BuckeyeBox will decrease, and use of OneDrive for Business will increase as more and more users move out of BuckeyeBox. After we have migrated a user, in order to continue collaborating on any files and folders the migrated user “owned,” will require you to access via OneDrive instead of BuckeyeBox. To find files, use the Shared with me view, which lists files that others have shared with you. The copies of the files remaining on BuckeyeBox will be set to “read-only,” and can no longer be edited or updated after the owner migrates.

  • When we move your files, we will maintain all internal collaborations set in BuckeyeBox when OneDrive for Business will allow the same internal users to collaborate on documents if they had access in Box. However, each user will likely want to do some “clean up” work to organize files in a way that will work best for each project.

  • You will have to invite external collaborators to re-connect them to the appropriate files. The University platform considers Medical Center collaborators to be “external” because they are on a separate tenant from the university. A tenant is a separate environment for an organization’s files. We have posted a job aid on the Administrative Resource Center (ARC) to show you how to identify all external collaborators and re-share your files. There is not an automated option for re-connecting external collaborators. OneDrive does not require collaborators to have a Microsoft account to collaborate with you on files. We have published detailed instructions on the ARC explaining how to connect collaborators.

User Groups are Beginning to Migrate

When we begin copying users’ folders from BuckeyeBox to OneDrive for Business, we will have detailed documentation of what they can expect. We have learned from other universities that have moved, but since each school is a little different, we are also creating Ohio State-specific instructions and guides.

In the past few weeks, members of some IT teams will participate in pilot group moves so they have firsthand experience and can develop effective materials to guide everyone else who will migrate during the project. Everyone participating in these groups directly volunteered and knows they are a part of these groups. Other business units and colleges will begin to move in February, with a goal to complete moves for all academic units before the fall semester.


Even if your files are not yet being migrated, if you are collaborating on a file owned by someone who works on a university IT team and that user is moving, you will now collaborate on those files in OneDrive for Business. Follow these links if you have questions about the project or about how OneDrive for Business or Teams works, you can review the information.

We will continue to share information in the coming weeks to help you be successful during migration. We will share more detailed instructions and information with individual groups before users move.