Catering Marketplace Coming Soon to eStores

The Catering Marketplace is a supplier website featuring 50 catering event suppliers including University Catering.

Event Coordinators will be able to request and receive quotes from full-service catering and equipment rental suppliers directly from the catalog.

Click to expand the sections below for additional details and screen shots of the new functionality. More details are coming soon.

Catering Marketplace dashboard

  • Drop-off caterers will offer menu items for users to load to a cart and checkout to eRequest.
  • Each catalog user will have access to their own dashboard to review, accept or decline quotes posted by suppliers.

Catering Market Place - Dashboard View

Supplier full menu details

  • Each supplier page includes a link to their full menu and details on discounts, service level, and the best contacts for questions.

Catering supplier full menu details

Level of service or supplier name views

  • When using the catalog, choose from a level of service to see all available suppliers or search by a specific supplier name.

Catering Marketplace suppliers

Request for quote

  • For full service catering and/or equipment rental service, a request for quote must be completed and submitted to the selected suppliers.

Self service catering request for quote

Drop-off catering

  • Drop-off catering suppliers will have catalog items to match their menu for convenient order placement.

Drop-off catering supplier items